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Covid-19 Update

March 2020

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Although the Coronavirus crisis in China is now stabilising with all major sea ports open, the effect of the virus is now being felt significantly across other countries in the world.

At this point Pinnacle would like to assure you that we are taking every precaution possible to minimise the impact of this unprecedented situation.


Please see the list of Pinnacle actions below:

  • Instructions have been issued to all employees in accordance with guidance for businesses
  • Hand Gel, Surface Spray, Wipes and Hand Wash have been placed at key locations on the premises
  • Masks have been sourced
  • Contract Cleaning services have been increased with additional daily tasks to clean contact surfaces
  • Employee Travel Plans are being monitored to reduce risk and maintain safety within the business
  • Company structure provides cover within and across all departments
  • HR including staff levels are under continuous review to ensure the impact of any downtime is mitigated
  • Remote Working from any location with wifi enabling access to all Company servers and Operating Systems is available to all Air, Sea and Road Freight and Warehouse Operations departments
  • Additional Laptop PC’s have been purchased and configured to provide each department with the resources that may be needed for Remote Working in the event of a serious outbreak of regional lockdown
  • Visitor restrictions are in place
  • All key suppliers have been contacted to confirm similar contingency arrangements are in place
  • Alternative airport routes are available in emergency situations
  • All 3 UK warehouse sites have been isolated from each other with no cross contamination of employees
  • Warehouse office and administration staff have been crossed trained between sites.

As the spread of Covid-19 increases, please be assured that by taking the above precautions, we are doing everything possible to continue to deliver all vital services for our customers and focus on minimising disruption in the supply chain.

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